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    Effective Communication in the Workplace

    Strategic Leadership

    Lead your remote team to success

    Tips for Conducting a Virtual Meeting

    virtual meeting etiquette tips

    Preventing and Managing Sexual Harassment

    Swedish for experts

    Swedish for doctors

    Swedish for engineers and technicians

    Teambuilding MBTI

    Teambuilding JTI

    Professional Swedish Online

    Work Environment for HR

    Work Environment Education – Basic course

    Work Environment Education – Continuing Course, 1-2 days

    Work Environment Education for Safety Representative and Wor...

    Appointing a Safety Representative

    Your Work Environment Responsibility as Manager

    Planning and Managing Work Environment Tasks

    Preventing Threats and Violence in the Workplace

    Crisis Management – Listening to Concerns

    Preventing and Handling Poor Work Environment, Sickness and ...

    Work Life-Focused Rehabilitation

    Sales and Customer Care for Non-Sales Employees

    Sales Technique (Steps 1-3)

    Negotiation Technique

    Customer Care

    Smiling woman shaking customer's hand and being good at customer care

    Customer Service for Service Desk

    International Customer Service

    Conflict Management for Customer Service

    Customer Service for Managers


    Presentations in English

    Financial English

    Writing Business Documents

    Smiling woman shaking customer's hand and being good at customer care

    GMS – Government English


    Legal English

    Insurance English

    Technical English

    Business Swedish

    GMS – Business German

    GMS – Business English

    Conversational English

    General Finnish

    General German

    General Swedish

    General English

    GMS – English for Customer Service

    Interpreting Services


    GMS Personal Coaching – Language

    Courses abroad

    Expats Courses

    GMS Cambridge Certificate

    Working in Virtual Teams

    Working in Multicultural Teams

    Working as a Team!

    Communication in Virtual Environments

    Representing the Company

    Rhetoric for Women

    Written Communication

    Multicultural Management Teams

    Communication in Multicultural Organisations

    Rhetoric and Presentations Skills (level 1-3)


    Intercultural Negotiation

    Intercultural Meeting Etiquette

    Manager and Management

    GMS Culture Courses – Denmark

    GMS Culture Courses – USA

    GMS Culture Courses – Germany

    GMS Culture Courses – Thailand

    GMS Culture Courses – Great Britain

    GMS Culture Courses – South America

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    GMS Culture Courses – Finland

    GMS Culture Courses – Sweden

    Multicultural Management Teams

    The New Manager!

    Communicative Leadership

    Project Management

    Conflict Management and Difficult Conversations

    GMS – Personal Coaching – Leadership

    Personal Effectivity and Stress Management

    William Marston’s: DISC Workshop – Understanding Behavio...

    Leading Virtual Teams

    Leading Virtual Meetings

    Business Acumen for Women

    To Lead Across the Nordic Borders

    Agile Leadership! – Leading Mobile Projects

    Balance Scorecard

    Communicative Leadership in Multicultural Organisations

    To lead without being manager!

    Global Leadership

    Leadership ABC (steps 1-3)

    Business English Training