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Language and culture courses for your new home country!

Have you just arrived in Sweden? Or do you have a new job abroad? Then you not only need to learn a new language, but also the unwritten rules and culture that come with the job in the new country.

Our Expats training is available from basic to advanced management level. This training is for international professionals, spouses, partners and children. You can start already in your home country and continue after the move, all within your budget! The training is offered as fully customised for individuals and families and in groups with others who are in similar situations.

Let our Expats courses give you both the linguistic as well as the cultural building blocks. Through training in conversation, communication and interaction in social, every-day and business situations, you will get the confidence and knowledge that guarantee success.

If your spouse, partner and/or children accompany you, they will have unique needs and challenges that our experts can quickly help them with. From going to the bank, the grocery store or dry cleaner, to navigating the school system, avoiding parking fines and just understanding, “Why do they do or say so??, etc.

We will review everything from language and culture to values, behaviours, social etiquette and business etiquette. As everyone’s needs are different, we offer this programme with four backgrounds in mind:


If you must quickly understand the language used in everyday life, then this introduction is just the right package for you. Maybe you will be in your new home land just for a short time. This is a direct and quick introduction which includes: basic social vocabulary, common manners and customs, basic business etiquette and an introduction to your new city (where to shop, dine and meet)


This introduction is for those who may also have a partner who has accompanied them. You’ll probably be in your new home country for more than a year. As an addition to the basic package, which includes: basic social vocabulary, common manners and customs, basic business etiquette and an introduction to your new city (where to shop, dine and get together), your partner can also participate in the introduction. After the introduction (half-day) we will meet again for two hours to ensure that the transition goes smoothly for you (and your partner) and then we can also help answer any questions you may have.


This introduction is intended for middle managers with or without their family. You will probably be in your new home country for 1-2 years or longer. This introduction combines a cultural introduction with language training/coaching during your stay. After a one-day introductory seminar, you can begin your language training/coaching. You will: learn social vocabulary, business vocabulary, business etiquette, get an introduction to your new city and receive help and feedback. In this package, you also have the opportunity to conduct the language training and the social and cultural introduction together with your family or privately.

 VIP Expats4

This introduction is aimed at managers at a higher level with or without their family. You’ll probably be in your new home country for 2 years or more. Just as in the introduction for Managers, the VIP introduction combines cultural and language training/communication coaching.

As a higher level manager, you have a great need to communicate effectively with your employees. You will: learn business etiquette, with focus on negotiation, presentation, communication, common manners and customs and vocabulary, as well as get an introduction to your new city. While focusing on the business aspects, we will work with you and your family with language training and social life – this can include everything from understanding the health system to shopping.

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