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More than 20,000 employers, universities and governments around the world recognise the Cambridge English Exams as the highest standard of knowledge in English.

6 reasons why you should choose Cambridge English:

  • 1. Develop correct knowledge of the English language
  • The Cambridge English Exams are designed to assess how participants use the English language to communicate in real situations.
  • The exams provide participants with communication skills that they can use in everyday life, work and study.
  • 2. Exams for various levels and uses
  • All exams conform to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) – the international standard for describing language skills.
  • It makes it easy for employers and educational institutions to confirm your knowledge of the English language.
  • 3. Approved globally for work, immigration and students
  • 20,000 universities, employers and governments around the world recognise the Cambridge English Exams.
  • The Cambridge certificate opens doors to higher education, improves employment opportunities and increases the choices for study and work.
  • 4. Full support with various learning and teaching resources
  • We offer a wide range of resources, including official Cambridge English preparation materials, social media and games to help you improve your English in an effective way.
  • We offer comprehensive preparation and support material for participants.
  • 5. Safe, reliable and fair
  • The Cambridge English Exams are designed to be fair to all test takers, regardless of age, sex, nationality, language or ethnic background.
  • All exam centres adhere to strict quality and safety and are regularly inspected.
  • 6. Backed up by world-class research
  • The exams are supported by extensive research carried out by one of the world’s largest dedicated language research teams.

Cambridge Exams

First Certificate in English: Level B2

Focus on common English – oral, written, listening and speaking.

A First Exam in Cambridge English shows that you can:

  • Communicate effectively face-to-face, express opinions and present arguments
  • Follow the news
  • Write in English clearly and in detail, express opinions and explain advantages and disadvantages of different perspectives
  • Write letters, reports, stories and many other types of texts
Certificate in Advanced English: Level C1

For individuals working internationally and/or studying in the U.S. or Great Britain.

This in-depth, high qualification level is proof that you have the language skills that employers and universities want.

Preparations for Cambridge Advanced English helps students develop skills to cope with most things, such as work, study and living in an English-speaking country.

An Advanced Exam in Cambridge English shows that you can:

  • Communicate effectively at a managerial and professional level
  • Follow an academic course at university level
  • Participate with confidence in workplace meetings or academic instruction and seminars
  • Express yourself nearly fluently.
Cambridge Business English Certificates: Level B1, B2 and C1

Focused on business English. Verbal communication, e.g. presentations, telephone conversations, providing instructions, discussions and negotiations. Written communication, e.g. report writing, letters, email. Listening and reading comprehension.

This level will help you fulfil your ambitions when it comes to:

  • Working abroad
  • Working with international organisations in your own country
  • Studying business-related subjects taught in English
  • Using English with confidence in international business environment.

Achieve your ambitions in international business.

  • Cambridge English: Business Preliminary (BEC Preliminary) – CEFR Level B1
  • Cambridge English: Business Vantage (BEC Vantage) – CEFR Level B2
  • Cambridge English: Business Higher (BEC Higher) – CEFR Level C1
Cambridge English: Legal (ILEC)

Cambridge English: Financial (ICFE) Cambridge English: Business Higher (BEC Higher) – CEFR nivå C1

Whichever certificate is your aim, GMS Cambridge Prep Course ® will make sure that you pass the test. We can also assist you with registration, practice tests and materials.

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