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The business world has changed. You need results now. GMS Personal Coaching® provides an assignment-specific coaching programme that can be used immediately. This is not a course but a personal, targeted approach in order to achieve a specific, identified objective.

Do you have a presentation, negotiation, important business meeting or a written report that must be dealt with quickly?

GMS Personal Coaching® gives direct feedback and practical proposals to achieve success in every situation.

The GMS Personal Coaching® sessions are entirely focused on your specific job tasks, needs and/or activities and on meeting your schedule and time frames.

You have a good grasp of the target language and perhaps even the time to devote yourself to a language course, but you still need temporary support or help that can give clear results while maintaining a high level of discretion and confidentiality.

Examples of focus areas:

  • Presentations
  • Reduction of accent
  • Dealing with an international team
  • Cultural sensitivity training
  • Meetings and situations
  • Press conferences
  • New career
  • Voice projection
  • Negotiation techniques
  • International communication

GMS Personal Coaching® will provide you with the tools and confidence for a multitude of situations, all relevant to your work situation.

GMS Coaches give you feedback and challenge you to achieve your specific professional goals.

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You need to be able to make presentations in all forms and sizes – at smaller meetings, before a large audience, prepared and spontaneous. Contrary to what you may be experiencing now, it is not just about the language. It is also about delivering your message in an effective and memorable way. This entails a combination of words, body language and the right media.

Reduction of accent

Do you wish to eliminate the typical Swedish accent? Sounds such as “th”, “j”, “ea” and “w” can be difficult for a Swede and lead to misunderstandings. “Peer” (equal) and “pear” (pear) have very different meanings. To decrease your accent and make you sound more natural, we use coaching, combined with media technology.

Cultural sensitivity training

Often foreigners are lumped together into one category without recognising that one culture is very different from another. How can you as manager best communicate in this multicultural working environment? What can one say, and what should one not say? What do you need to consider dealing with different labour markets that you might not know? Our coaches have great experience in leading companies, departments and managers in a cross-cultural environment.

Press conferences

Dealing with the press and media can be tricky anytime and even trickier when you need to do it in a language that is not your native language. An incorrect choice of words can influence your message in a negative manner or paint a falsely positive picture. GMS Coaching for the press is perfect for managing directors, press secretaries or executives in Investor Relations, who need to deal with the international press. We focus on everything from body language, soft vs. hard choice of words, questions and answers, diplomatic responses, etc.

Negotiation skills

We negotiate every day. When we close business deals, in our contacts with unions, when discussing pay raises – almost everything is a negotiation of some kind. When you are engaged in an important and decisive negotiation or sale – perhaps delivering a sales pitch – you probably need GMS Coaching for negotiation. Your GMS Coach will review your materials and help you develop your ability to express yourself and to achieve results by being convincing, persuasive, diplomatic, tactically silent, etc.

Voice playback

The Anglo-Saxon culture appreciates high and authoritative voices, while the European culture often appreciates more low-key voices. We teach you to use your voice as a tool to reach out with your message. Tone of voice, to find the right words and the use of the “pregnant pause” are all parts of the coaching programme, GMS Voice Training.


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